Jan. 1987 A Startup in Ota-Ku, Tokyo, as a goal for the development/sales of semiconductor production facilities.
1989   Wafer Pre-Aligner was developed and released in market.
1991   The capital was increased to 10 million yen.
1992   The head office was transferred to Sagamihara-City in Kanagawa-Pref.
1993   The office block was set up together with the operations were transferred to Sagamihara-City.
1996   Auto Loader System was developed with the expanding of production system.
1997   A new plant was constructed in Sagamihara-City. The development of electron cooling technology was started.
1999   The “Technical Center” was opened in the plant.
Jun. 2000 Development of Closed Link Robot was started.
Overseas production of the thermoelectric refrigerators was started.
Sep. 2000 The head office building was transferred to Machida-City in Tokyo.
The head office and the Technical Center were merged.
The capital was increased to 35 million yen.
Mar. 2001 Wafer Pre-Aligner (12-inch type) was released in market.
Feb. 2004 A liquid crystal large photomask carrier device (Assist Arm) was developed.
Jun. 2005 A DVD/TV refrigerator was developed.
Aug. 2005 The capital was increased to 65 million yen.
Jun. 2006 ROBOCCO was developed.
Dec. 2006 A new office building was built together with the head office was transferred to Machida-City.
Aug. 2007 An independent enterprise, Shenzhen Texeg Co. Ltd. was Established in Shenzhen city, China.
jan. 2010 The capital was increased to 71 million yen.
Mar. 2011 Beer server base on Peltier was released.
Dec. 2011 New Wafer Pre-Aligner was released.
Jan. 2012 Orientation flat aligner (WA series) was released.
Apr. 2012 Assembly thermostatic chamber base on Peltier was released.
Feb. 2014 Slim type EXC server was developed.
Nov. 2014 A subsidiary branch, Texeg (Shen Zhen)CO.,LTD was Established.
Feb. 2016 The capital was increased to 71.38 million yen.
May. 2017 TEXEG TP(second factory)was organized.