Business Overview

- Technologies friendly to the people and environment

As a venture company of technology, TEX E. G. CO., LTD. utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to a wide variety of fields. A global business undertaking the foundation of society and industries, which is developed by the major operations: mechatronics enterprise related to manufacturing system of semiconductors and liquid crystals as well as the peripheral devices. Additionally, a heat application project created by the conjugated technology with mechatronics and Peltier system.

- Semiconductor Manufacturing System Operations

We focus on developing and proposing a unitize transportation system together with its peripheral devices (e.g. inspection devices). Regarding the market and customer demands, solutions and related products are provide based on our original technologies in wafer alignment devices and mapping system which are accumulated up till today.

- LCD Operations

We take the transportation system including large mask carrier devices and its peripheral devices as our main business in this field. “Only One Technology Strategies” is promoted by reducing the cost, levelling-up the test speed of drawing, harmonization of manufacturing processes conditions as well as the proposal of device systemization. Moreover, a various proposals of system construction will be provide when a photomask company establishes its sites during the expansion of overseas business. In order to meet the improvement needs of yields and contamination control, kinds of system designs will be proposed for the entire plant including automation system, track connection between processes and peripheral devices, such as washing machines and waste testers.

- Heat Application Operations

This is known as our new business to a series of products in development and application of Peltier modules, which is based on our core competences of mechatronics manufacturing technologies. A collection of market intelligence will be proposed based on customer demands. The distribution of our solutions which a creating architecture, including the support from development to production, as well as related ideas in attractive products, which comes with low price, high quality, high-performance, compact design and multifunction in a short periods.