Pursuing Unknown Possibilities

The name of our company, TEX E.G., was created by combining “Technology,” “X”
that represents unknown possibilities and the “Engineering” that specifically creates these.
Since our founding, we have developed our businesses based on the pillars represented by these words
and the people who are involved with them.
We continue to design new answers in our specialty fields of “temperature controlling technology”
and “transport system technology.”
Our next actions will lead us to the future.
Therein lays the next expectations that spread out on the other side of the answers.
We will continue to enthusiastically search for the next answers to
unendingly impress and satisfy our customers.


TEX E.G. is enthusiastically contributing to realizing a happy society by creating the unknown possibility of technology through engineering and people.


We will continue our activities to surprise and impress our customers based on our corporate philosophy by providing high-quality service based on the latest technology to satisfy the requirements of our customers.


1. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

2. Thoroughly polish and innovate technology.

3. Aim for thorough quality to achieve our quality policy.

4. Conduct thorough marketing activities
to increase customer value.

5. Make improvements to maintain
an optimized internal management system.


QUALITY is the connection of trust between us, our customers, and society. Maintaining QUALITY is a company’s social mission and the foundation of its survival.


To ensure QUALITY in accordance with our management philosophy, we have instituted the following Quality Policy companywide and strive to ensure continuous improvement.


1. Strictly observe customer requirements as well as the legal and regulatory requirements.

2. Set quality targets and strive for continuous improvement.

3. Thoroughly implement quality first manufacturing and service.

4. Always provide the best products service and technology.

5. Earn the satisfaction of customers and the trust of society.


Technology that is Gentle on People and the Environment

We utilize leading-edge technology in a wide range of fields to grow our mechatronics business by manufacturing transport systems and other peripheral equipment. We are pursuing technologies that are gentle on people and the environment based on our temperature control business that fuses mechatronics technology with applied Pelletier technology. As a technology venture company, we are building a global business for the next generation that will serve as infrastructure for society and industry.

Temperature Control Business

We manufacture the product groups we have developed and grow new businesses through the applied use of Pelletier modules based on our core competence of mechatronics manufacturing technology. In cooperation with our customers, we actively gather information about market needs and then build the systems from development to production necessary to meet those needs. When commissioned with development, we proactively propose ideas for attractive products that include cost reductions, high quality, miniaturization, high functionality, and multifunction capability.

Transport Systems Business

We strive to lower the cost and increase the drawing inspection speed of our transport systems that include large photomask transport units and their peripheral equipment. The one-of-a-kind technology strategy that we pursue is made possible by correlating the differences among the differing production processes of different companies and then proposing systemization of the equipment. We also propose and cooperate with the construction of local systems when photomask companies expand their operations overseas.


We provide customization and can change specifications and technical applications to meet customer requests. Please consult with us.

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