1  What is a Peltier element?

This is an electrical component that controls heating and cooling.

When electricity is passed through the element, the phenomenon where once side is “heated” and one side is “cooled” occurs. This is a heat movement phenomenon (heat pump) caused by the temperature difference between the high temperature side that dissipates the heat and the low temperature side that absorbs it. The temperature can be adjusted by changing the amount of electricity flowing. Further, the cooling and heating can be reversed by changing the direction of the electricity flow. This action is called the “Peltier effect” and it can be easily used to adjust the heating and cooling temperature.

《 Peltier Element Cooling 1 》

This shows a water drop on the end of a tooth pick being adhered to the unit using electronic cooling.

《 Peltier Element Heating 2 》

This shows the frozen water drop contact surface with the unit being melted by heating.

《 Peltier Element Cooling ⇄ Heating 3 》

This shows the temperature change using a thermographic camera.

2  What is a Peltier

Difference between “Electronic Cooling” and
“General Refrigeration Cycle Method
(Compressor / Refrigerant Freon)”

  • This is green technology that does not use ozone layer destroying Freon or emit any greenhouse effect gases.
  • It is compact and lightweight and does not produce any noise or vibration during operation.
  • Heating as well as cooling is possible just by the electricity flow direction. Constant temperature control is possible even close to room temperature using both the cooling and heating functions that are proportional to the amount of electricity.
  • The excellent temperature responsiveness provides immediate cooling and heating.
  • Accurate temperature control is possible using just a simple device. Operation is possible using just electric wires, so building in and handling is easy.

3  Peltier element uses and applications

Daily Life

  • Small refrigerators
  • Cooler chests
  • Beer servers
  • Wine cellars
  • Water tank water temperature control
  • Computer CPU cooling
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air conditioners
  • Air cleaners
  • Driers
  • Facial massager minus ion  generator

Measurement & Analysis Fields

  • Thyristor cooling
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Photography
  • Chromatography
  • Gas analyzer dehumidification
  • Detector cooling

Medical & Scientific Fields

  • Microorganism culture
  • Dispenser chemical solution   temperature control
  • DNA amplifiers
  • Sample and reagent storage rooms
  • Ecological inspection equipment
  • Automatic samplers
  • Small incubators
  • Small thermo-plates
  • Operating room cooling boxes
  • Blood analyzers



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