Intelligent Home Temperature Controllable Device PORT

Product Feature

The product which wishes to be the “PORT” of departure for our own brand.

  • 7 different temperature settings are available
  • Powerful, yet highly quiet
  • Electricity costs are the same as for a smartphone
  • Remote control through a dedicated app
  • Minimalist design that adapts to various scenes

Based on customer reviews and opinions, we revised the design from scratch and the device has been reborn as “PORT.

Controllable Temperature is about 5ºC to 60ºC

It can be used not only for drinks but also for storing cosmetics.The temperature can be set to “good temperature” as you feel comfortable drinking without making it extremely hot or cold.

Serenity Design

The PORT is powerful, yet quiet. This device will not disrupt your life by no sound as your daily product. You can use PORT at any number of times as you want. In a peaceful office, on a desk to keep you focused, in a bedroom to help you sleep better, etc.

Energy- Saving Design

The electricity bill is only 2.7 yen even if the power is turned on for 8 hours. This level of consumption is the same as charging a smartphone. The PORT is as user-friendly as a smartphone everyday. We have focused on the energy-saving design that are both affordable and environmental friendly.

Dedicated App

We invented this dedicated app that enables you to control the PORT from your smartphone base on customer requests. You can adjust the temperature and monitor it remotely via the app.

Sophisticated Design

PORT is a minimalist design that has soft curves, without the cold impression of an industrial product. It makes you feel peaceful and relaxed by smooth, natural-looking shape with interiors. Enjoy using it in many situations such as in your home, but also in the office, outdoors and in many other places.

Minimal Design

Diameter of the container : 75mm

It is available for plastic bottle(350~600ml), can, bottled beer(330ml)

※Please check a shape and size of items beforehand that certain bottles may not hold.

Product design

Product Specifications


Ivory black ※Powr cable : Black / Ivory white ※Powr cable : White

Setting temperature

Approximately 5℃~60℃(environmental temperature 0~30℃)


Approximately 550g

AC cable


Power consumption

Power consumption

External size


※Product design and features are subject to change without notice.


We provide customization and can change specifications and technical applications to meet customer requests. Please consult with us.

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