Company Name TEX E. G. CO., LTD.

2-3-28, Oyamagaoka, Machida-City, Tokyo 194-0215, Japan

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Established January 23, 1987
Capital 95.885 million yen

CEO and Chairman

Takahide Kobayashi

Director and President

Yoshito Kobayashi

Director and Vice-President

Junichi Arimura

Managing Director

Tadashi Inaizumi


Huang XiongHao

Main Trade Banks The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd., Hachioji Office

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Machida Branch

MUFG Bank, Ltd., Hashimoto Branch

Resona Bank, Limited, Hashimoto Branch

Businesses Development, design, and manufacture of electronic cooling applied products

Design, manufacturer, and overseas procurement of various dies

Development, design, and manufacture of general precision equipment

Design and production of other various machinery components

Developed Products Electronic cooling applied devices

Photomask transport equipment

Pre-alignment equipment

Other power conservation equipment, etc.

Major Customers SK-Electronics CO., LTD.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


Nikkeikin Aluminium Core Technology Company Ltd.

Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.

V Technology Co., Ltd.


LINTEC Corporation


(Listed in Japanese phonetic order)


1980’s Jan. 1987 Established in Ota-Ku, Tokyo, to develop and sell semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Jan. 1989 Began developing and selling orientation flat aligner.
1990’s 1991 Capital increased to 10 million.
1992 Head office moved to Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
1993 Head office moved to company building purchased in the Sagamihara City.
1996 Expanded auto loader system development and production.
1997 New factory build in Sagamihara City, began developing electronic cooling technology.
1999 "Technology Center” established in the factory.
2000’s Jun. 2000 Began development of Closed Link Robot.
Sep. 2000 Began overseas production of electronic refrigerators.
Head office building moved to Machida City, Tokyo. Merged head office and Technology Center.
Capital increased to 35 million
Mar. 2001 Began sales of orientation flat aligner (12-inch type).
Feb. 2004 Developed LCD large photomask transport device (Assist Arm).
Jun. 2005 Developed LCD large photomask transport device (Assist Arm).
Aug. 2005 Capital increased to 65 million.
Jun. 2006 Developed ROBOCCO.
Dec. 2006 Head office moved to new office building.
Aug. 2007 Shenzhen Texeg Co., Ltd. established as an independent enterprise in Shenzhen City, China.
2010’s Jan. 2010 Capital increased to 71 million
Mar. 2011 Began sales of Pelletier cooled beer server.
Dec. 2011 Began sales of warped wafer supporting orientation flat aligner.
Jan. 2012 Began sales of orientation flat aligner U Series.
Apr. 2012 Began sales of assembled-type Pelletier thermostatic chamber.
May.2013 Established TEXEG INDIA
Feb. 2014 Developed slim type EXC server.
Nov. 2014 HONGKONG TEXEG COMPANY LIMITED acquired as a subsidiary.
Feb. 2016 Capital increased to 71.38 million.
Sep.2016 Established TEXEG SINGAPORE
Oct. 2018 Received the 2018 Good Design Award for the company’s wall-mounted refrigerator.
Nov. 2018 Began sales of wall-mounted refrigerators.
Feb. 2019 Obtained ISO9001: 2015 certification.
2020’s Mar.2021 Capital increased to 95.885 million
Jan. 2022 Began sales of PORT


We provide customization and can change specifications and technical applications to meet customer requests. Please consult with us.

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