TEXeg’s SDGs Activities

“Sustainable Life”
Pursued by TEXeg

Vision for TEXeg Achievement

Starting with Small Things that are Possible Activities To Achieve a Sustainable Lifestyle

About SDGs

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are the 17 goals the world is to attain by 2030 as stated in “the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” adopted by the United Nations in 2015. Japanese companies are also increasingly striving to achieve the SDGs by incorporating them into their businesses and management.

Our Thinking

We value the connections between “people, tangible, and intangible things” from the contributions from the local community down to our manufacturing facilities and the people who work there. We will start with small things that are feasible.

Our 7 Activities for SDGs

As a manufacturing business, engaging in “sustainable production” is one of our most important responsibilities. We will actively engage in our 7 targeted activities while keeping in mind “our employees”, “customers”, and the “surrounding environment”.

Contributing to themes via
our business activities

TEXeg develops products utilizing our proprietary patented technology. “Consideration for the environment and sustainable production” are important responsibilities. We engage in business activities while proactively working to preserve the environment.

In-house themes are the foundation
of business activities

We have established “SDGs projects” and are looking daily for favorable updates regarding their progress.

Themes that contribute to
the local community

Protecting the beautiful environment of the local community and improving the surrounding environment are important responsibilities of a company. We will continue to proactively contribute to the community.

Our Activities

Actively using
sustainable materials

At TEXeg, we actively use sustainable materials. This covers a wide range of areas, from office materials to the supplies used by employees, as well as the materials used in products. We are aiming to achieve our SDGs targets by starting a little at a time where possible.

Engaged in green zone
preservation for many years

We are actively engaged in the preservation of green zones adjacent to our headquarters. A beautiful environment for the local community is one step in achieving the SDGs.

Employment standard that
provides fair evaluation
of people of all races,
nationalities, and genders

For many years we have employed a fair evaluation system for our people regardless of race, nationality, or gender. TEXeg has experts in many fields in and outside of Japan.
In addition, we also have a fair vacation days provision system.


We provide customization and can change specifications and technical applications to meet customer requests. Please consult with us.

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