Photomask Transport System

What is photomask transport?

Photomasks are used to produce liquid crystal displays and organic EL displays. As these have become larger in recent years, they can no longer be easily transported by people and so assist arms were developed to help transport them. Using them allows large and heavy photomasks to be correctly and safely transported between the manufacturing processes where they are required.

Product Features

  • Provide the accuracy required for transport to inspection and measurement equipment.
  • The main areas are made more compact to allow the position to be known and checked to provide excellent operability.
  • This is an assisting device, so there is no need to enclose it like a robot and it can be installed with existing equipment.
  • It can also support automated transport.
  • Peripheral equipment can also be built around the assist arm to create devices for packaging and shipping products.

Assist arm (standard model/center standard type)

Mask Loading/Unloading System( MCS )


Mask Rotating Device( MRD )

Photomask Transport

The mask loader/unloader system is used to remove the photomask from the case and load it into the equipment. The assist arm is used to remove the mask. The photomask can also be stored in the case. The assist arm can be used for loading and unloading for a variety of production equipment in addition to the mask loader/unloader system.

Operation is simple. First, the assist arm handle is used to set the arm in the mask loader/unloader system positioning unit and catcher. The operator then conducts operation following the instruction displayed on the assist arm monitor.

Assist Arm Movement

Remove the assist arm from the production equipment or mask loader/unloader system and then move the stored photomask to the next transport destination.

The assist arm can be easily transported by one person along the highly accurately set path.

Product Specifications


We provide customization and can change specifications and technical applications to meet customer requests. Please consult with us.

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