Wall-mounted Refrigerator

Product Features

Only 10 cm deep.

Peltier technology has been used to achieve the world’s thinnest refrigerator.

Black and white are used for the simple but stylish design.

The quiet design made possible using a Japanese-made high-performance fan keeps the operation environment quiet.

This compact wall-mounted refrigerator is perfect for hotels, hospitals, and care facilities with limited space.


Received the 2018 Good Design Award

1. Body specifications: Body (1 unit), mount (1 unit), and mount installation screws (2 units)

2. The screws used to mount on the wall are provided by the customer.

Product Specifications

Model TWHR-5L (BR, BL / WR, WL)
Exterior color Black / White
Exterior dimensions W392mm × H355mm × D104mm
Body weight Approx. 5.3 kg
AC Cord 1.5m
Power consumption 12 W (Max. 68 W)
Cooling unit Peltier unit
Cold storage temperature 5 °C ± 1.5 °C (When room temperature is 25 °C)
Power supply 100 VAC (50/60 Hz), with power ON/OFF switch
Refrigerator capacity 5 L (Refrigerator internal dimension: W 220 mm × H 275 mm × D 72 mm)
Cooling method Internal heat conduction method
Door opening method Opens horizontally (*Please state the precautions regarding the door opening direction.)
Drip-proof construction Water from tops on the top are prevented from entering the air exhaust port.
Thermal insulation construction Vacuum insulation and urethane foam are used for the thermal insulation (supports thinner designs)
Vibration and noise countermeasures A quiet fan is used and sound absorption material is attached to the air exhaust.
Door seal Packing magnet adhesion method
  • The photographs in the catalog are for illustration purposes only. The actual colors may vary slightly depending on the lighting, angle, and surrounding colors.
  • Do not place objects on top of this product because the product could fall.
  • Regularly maintain the drain at the bottom of the product to prevent mold from growing.
  • Regularly maintain the filter at the bottom of the product to prevent a decline in cooling performance due to clogging with dust.
  • The screws used for mounting on the wall will differ depending on the shape and material of the wall, so the customer is required to provide the screws.
  • About 3 to 4 hours is required for the temperature inside the refrigerator to change from 25 °C to 5 °C.
  • Use this product indoors out of direct sunlight. The performance of this product is not guaranteed when used outdoors or in a vehicle.
  • Only use this refrigerator to hold food and drink. Storing chemicals in it could cause discoloration or corrosion.
  • The shape may be changed without notice.

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We provide customization and can change specifications and technical applications to meet customer requests. Please consult with us.

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