We provide optimum proposals that meet customer needs for strict temperature control.

Precise and Accurate Temperature Control Technology that Can Be Operated in 1°C Increments.

Strict temperature control is required for the storing and shipping of medical supplies.

Peltier offers strict temperature control. Many years of experience developing, Peltier products has allowed TEXeg to achieve temperature control in 1°C Increments. We develop products with flexibility and precision to meet demand from the medical field, which requires strict temperature control.

TEXeg Research and Development

Respond to Issues in Medical Practice

TEXeg is continuously engaged in research and development to respond to the issues that arise in medical settings and research facilities, etc. We are striving to improve our technology to meet the requirements for temperature control not only for pharmaceuticals but for a variety of other applications including storage and transport. We take our customers’ issues seriously and provide the optimum products to resolve them.

COVID-19 Vaccine Control Device Development Track Record

Flexible support for rapid development

In recent years, the novel COVID-19 has raged throughout the world. We have optimized the development period until the realization of the product, and in 2021, our product was adopted for storage and transportation of COVID-19 vaccines by Japanese local governments.

We can rapidly develop the products needed by the world from small lots and provide a stable supply.

*Play a video showing a vaccine transport box.

Many Years’ Experience Developing Temperature Control Devices

Building Highly Accurate Measurement Systems

TEXeg not only produces products that control temperature, but we actively develop software for controlling temperature. The management tools as well as the products make it possible to develop higher quality products. We are also good at developing systems with temperature measurement functions.

TEXeg proprietary patented technology

Increasing the life of Peltier Products

TEXE.G. develops products utilizing its proprietary patented technology. Our propriety technology is the key to achieving durability. Our patented technology “stress attenuation structure” that provides excellent impact durability has successfully extended the life of Peltier products, which are known to break easily.

Strict quality control

Reliable Quality of a Domestic Manufacturer
ISO9001 Compliant Quality Control

Fundamental Policy

Our corporate philosophy calls for strict compliance with laws and regulations, making sure employees are aware of the importance of satisfying customer requirements, and providing high-quality products and services based on the latest technology. We also set quality targets and conduct reviews to continuously improve the management system and achieve the objectives of the quality policy. We work with you to solve the problems and issues you face.

What is ISO9001?

This is a standard set by the International Standards Organization (ISO) to ensure the quality of products and services and to improve customer satisfaction. It prescribes the requirements for building a quality management system. The integrated quality management system operated by TEX E.G. obtained ISO9001 certification in March 2018. The company continues to focus on quality management based on ISO9001 to continuously strive to provide high-quality products and greater customer satisfaction.

Quality Targets

  1. We conduct proposal activities that increase customer value.
  2. We propose products and services that satisfy our customers while strictly observing the quality and delivery deadlines they require.

Wide range of engineers

We actively hire engineers from overseas as well as in Japan to build a creative community. The global perspective and teamwork of our richly individualistic employees keep us working at the leading-edge of technological development.

Order-made development

By proprietary technology, gives “form” to customer desires.

● Ability to Meet Requests

We sincerely strive to solve the issues and meet the requests of customers. We actively take on the challenges-even development that is thought to be difficult.

● Accept Small Lot Production

If another company has turned down your small order saying it is not profitable, please talk to us. TEXE.G. accepts orders for small lots.

● Proposals Utilizing Our Expertise

We utilize our broad experience working closely with customers and our rich expertise to offer optimum solutions.

● Integrated System from Development to Mass Production

Based on our ISO compliant quality system we operate an integrated system from development to mass production to flexibly meet the needs of our customers.

《 Flow Up to Delivery 》

Step 1


Step 2

Plan Proposal

Step 3

Product Specifications Study

Step 4

1st Prototype Production

Step 5

2nd Prototype Production

Step 6


Step 7

Final Trial Production

Step 8


Step 9



We provide customization and can change specifications and technical applications to meet customer requests. Please consult with us.

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